HDMI to Fibre Optic Transceivers

KVM(HDMI+USB) to fiber converter HDMI+Keyboard and Mouse to fiber converter

– KVM(HDMI+USB)To Fiber Converter includes a transmitter and a receiver, which can extend HDMI + USB(keyboard or mouse) and
– The device support HDMI transmission at real-time, max resolution support can reach 1920*1080 @ 60Hz, max distance 2KM (MM
fibre cable)/ 20~100KM(SM fibre cable).
– The device can be widely used in military command and control system, police command and control system, traffic
management system, energy and electricity supply industry, government office, medical system, commercial presentation,
multimedia and public utilities etc.

Product feature:
– Support 1920×1080@60Hz
– Max extension distance 2KM(MM fiber)/20~100KM(SM fiber)
– Single/Duplex fiber transmission, pure hardware design, no driver needed, compatible with all operation systems, support
plug and play
– Support HDMI
– Support USB(keyboard or mouse)