Generic 1.8M USB V.2 A Male to B Male Cable

– Connect your USB peripherals to your PC using this USB 2.0 A Male to B Male cable.
– While some newer peripherals use the mini B or micro B USB connector, the original USB B connector is still the common connector for printers, scanners, and similar large peripherals.
– This cable uses 28 AWG conductors for data and 24 AWG conductors for power.
– It features gold plated connectors to ensure smooth, corrosion-free connections.
– It is shielded to protect against signal interference and data loss.

Technical Specifications

– Durable, gold-plated connectors
– Backwards compatible
– Full 2.0 USB capability / 480 Mbps transfer speed
– 1.8M USB V.2 Cable A Male to B Male
– 100% compliant with USB 2.0 specifications
– 28 AWG data conductors and 24 AWG power conductors
– Shielded to protect against external signal interference